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Interbreeding with Neanderthals by Carl Zimmer, March 
Maverick Joe Davis, Space Artist by Steve Nadis, April 
Crop Wars by Andrew Curry, April 
Dark Universe by Zeeya Merali, May 
Grandma's Experience Leaves a Mark on Our Genes by Dan Hurley, May 
The World's Sharks Have Gone Missing, June 
The Mind in the Machine, June 
Mushroom Manifesto by Ken Miller, July/August 
The Book of Life by Jeremy Smith, July/August 
Doorway to a Cure, September 
Before the Big Bang, September 
Carla Shatz Profile by Kenneth Miller, October 
Allergic to Life by Jill Neimark, November 

Obsessed by Steve Volk, November 
The Confounding Debate Over Lyme in the South, December 

June 2012
Oceans Issue: Edited or top-edited bulk of issue, acquired most of the feature well and played a large role in overall packaging. 

October 2012
2062: End of Youth and the Future of Population: 
Acquired the feature well and edited or top-edited bulk of issue. Lead revamp of front-of-book and conceived and acquired center section, Future World Almanac 2062. The issue, linked here in its entirety, is notable for the overall packaging.

March 2012
Acquired and edited the cover story,Gravity Off the Grid by Zeeya Merali, about a freelance physicist who devoted his life to upending Einstein. 

Also in this issue: 
Attack of the Flying Carp by Jeff Wheelwright 
The Paranormal Psychologist by Yudhijit Bhattacharje 

And in April 2012: 
Where Memory Lives by Dan Hurley 

Dolphin Desperadoes by Eric Vance, July 2011, nominated for ASME. 
The Fall and Rise of Douglas Prasher by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, July 2011, nominated for ASME. 
Back From the Brink: They are called vegetables, but we can rescue these lost brains. by Kat McGowan, March 2011, nominated for ASME. 
Ill Wind by David Kirby, April 2011, nominated for ASME and selected for Best American Science and Nature Writing 2012. 
Physics of the Divine by Zeeya Merali, January 2011. 
Up In Smoke: The Twisted Science of Arson, investigation by Douglas Starr, November 2011, nominated for ASME. 
Going to Extremes, by Linda Marsa, December 2011, winner of the June Roth Memorial Award for Medical Journalism and selected for Best American Science Writing 2012. 
Special Anniversary Issue: The Cure, October 2011. Conceived, acquired and edited all long-form content on health and biomedicine. 


Life Under the Bubble by Jordan Fisher Smith, June 2010, nominated for ASME. 
March 2010 feature well.I acquired the entire feature well and conducted and produced the Q&A. Stories by Ed Regis, Anil Ananthaswamy, Andrew Curry and Pamela Weintraub. 
Organ Dealer: The Downfall of India's Kidney Kingpin, by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, April 2010, nominated for ASME, selected for Best American Medical Writing, Best American Science and Nature Writing 2011,and winner of the South Asian Journalists Association Award.
Earth on Fire by Kristin Ohlson, selected for Best American Science Writing, 2011. 
Hot Zone: Global Warming and the Coming Health Crisis by Linda Marsa, February 2010, nominated for ASME and second place in the June Roth Memorial Award for Medical Journalism, 2011. 
Cosmic Blueprint of Life in Deep Space by Andrew Grant, November 2010, selected for America's Best Science and Nature Writing 2011.


A Wing and a Prayer: The Scary Truth about Air Travel by Linda Marsa, September 2009, nominated for ASME and second place in the Donald Robinson Award for Investigative Journalism, 2010. 
Flu Wars by Delthia Ricks, December 2009, nominated for ASME. 
Are we Still Evolving? by Kathleen McAuliffe, March 2009, selected for Best American Science Writing 2010. 
Out of the Past by Kat McGowan, July 2009. On erasing and replacing memory. Nominated for ASME and selected for Best American Science and Nature Writing 2010.


Acid Oceans by Kathleen McAuliffe, May 2008, nominated for ASME. 
Deus ex Machina: Humanoid Robots by Fred Hapgood, April 2008, nominated for ASME. 

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