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  • Contributing Editor, Discover, and Contributing Writer, Experience Life.

  • Wrote stories and essays for Aeon, Discover, Nautilus, CNN, and Psychology Today.

  • Serve  as panelist each year at the major science journalism meetings. 


Discover Magazine: Senior Editor, Features Editor and Executive Editor.

  • Conceived, assigned and edited long-form journalistic narratives and investigations across the full range of sciences and science/culture.  Each year, my feature acquisitions won numerous top journalistic awards and honors, including selection for Best Science Writing and Best Science and Nature Writing, among others. My Discover acquisitions linked here. 

  • Managed extensive group of freelancers, including many of the preeminent science journalists in the world. Mentored junior staff members and found and nurtured new talent.

  • As the interview editor, I personally interviewed many of the great iconic thinkers of the 21st century and produced, from these in-depth discussions, formal, feature-length Q&A’s.   


Published the award-winning expose on Lyme disease, CURE UNKNOWN: INSIDE THE LYME EPIDEMIC with St. Martin's Press.


  • Executive Editor, MAMM Magazine.  Conceived of ideas for the entire magazine and saw them through every stage of production, from assigning and writing to editing, layout, and fact-check. Oversaw staff, including senior and assistant editors as well as interns. Magazine covered lifestyle and health from stem-to-stern for breast cancer patients and survivors. Stories included such topics as the healing power of hope, life without estrogen, how to find a clinical trial, rediscovering sex, and the controversy over mammograms. Circulation 200,000.

  • Consulting Editor, Psychology Today. Conceived, acquired, and edited two features each issue on relationships, lifestyles, and trends in culture and health. Stories delved into emotional affairs, first loves, parenting, the meaning of friendship, personality, the mind-body connection, intimate sex, self-delusion, pursuing dreams and goals, and the true health implications of optimism, among other topics

1999-2004, Freelance writer, editor, author and web developer.

1996-1998. Editor-in-Chief, OMNI Internet. Conceived and directed the transformation of the print version of Omni Magazine into a multi-award-winning web site at the dawn of the Internet era. Omni Internet, one of the largest and most popular content destinations of the day, delivered a living, web-based journalism of interactive, real-time content and communities, including OMNI Prime Time, consisting of six nightly web shows a week, on topics ranging from health to anomalies to the environment, with a name guest for each production.

1990-1996, Editor-at-Large, OMNI. Acquired, edited, wrote, and rewrote feature stories and conceived and executed production of packaged sections and entire issues. Was the primary feature acquisitions editor at OMNI during these years.

EDUCATION: MS in Science Journalism, Boston University. B.S. in Biology with double major in English, University at Albany, The Bronx High School of Science.

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