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Investigative journalist, award-winning author, and narrative storyteller covering science, medicine, and psychology at the crossroads of culture.  Longtime executive-level editor known for intensive writer and story development. Winner of the American Medical Writers Association book award for Cure Unknown and author or co-author of 16 other books. She is currently senior editor handling science and psychology at Aeon; founding co-editor at OpenMind, currently working on a series under a grant from the Pulitzer Center; and, through a360 Media, editor-in-chief for special newsstand editions of Popular Science, Inside Your Dog's Mind, and Inside Your Cat's Mind.   She was formerly editor-in-chief of OMNI, executive editor of Discover, and a consulting features editor for Psychology Today. Her long-form and narrative acquisitions have received numerous top awards and honors over the years.

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Pamela Weintraub is a digital editor, magazine-maker and storyteller covering science, health and psychology at the crossroads of culture. She is currently commissioning editor at AEON; contributing editor at Discover; and editor-in-chief of a series of widely distributed newsstand magazines with titles like The Science of Sexuality, The Science of Smarts, and The Animal Mind.. She is winner of the American Medical Writers Association Book Award for Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic and author or co-author of 16 other books. She has garnered numerous honors for long-form narrative, investigative, and literary journalism acquired and edited for Aeon, Discover, and others. 




  • Psychology and Health Editor at Aeon. Acquire and edit 6 essays a month. You can see my acquisitions here -just press more at bottom of  each page to keep  viewing deeper into the archive. My acquisitions have been ​award-winning and highly aggregated and recognized as some of the top quality content online.

  • Editor in Chief for a series of single-topic magazines sold on the newsstand in Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, CVS, etc. Titles include Guide to Your Brain, The Science of Sexuality, The Science of Personality, the Animal Mind, and the Science of Smarts. Also served as Editor-in-Chief for relaunch of OMNI in October 2017. 

  • Contributing Editor, Discover, and Contributing Writer, Experience Life.

  • Wrote stories and essays for Aeon, Discover, Nautilus, and Psychology Today.

  • Serve  as panelist each year at the major science journalism meetings. 



  • Discover Magazine: Senior Editor, Features Editor and Executive Editor.

  • Conceived, assigned and edited long-form journalistic narratives and investigations across the full range of sciences and science/culture.  Each year, my feature acquisitions won numerous top journalistic awards and honors, including selection for Best Science Writing and Best Science and Nature Writing, among others. 

  • Managed extensive group of freelancers, including many of the preeminent science journalists in the world. Mentored junior staff members and found and nurtured new talent.

  • As the interview editor, I personally interviewed many of the great iconic thinkers of the 21st century and produced, from these in-depth discussions, formal, feature-length Q&A’s.  ​


  • Published the award-winning expose on Lyme disease, CURE UNKNOWN.


  • Executive Editor, MAMM Magazine

  • Consulting Editor, Psychology Today

1999-2004, Freelance writer, editor, author and web developer.

1996-1998. Editor-in-Chief, OMNI Internet

1990-1996, Editor-at-Large, OMNI. 

EDUCATION: MS in Science Journalism, Boston University. B.S. in Biology with double major in English, University at Albany, The Bronx High School of Science.



I hold an M.S. in Science Journalism from Boston University and graduated from the University at Albany with a double major in Biology (B.S.)  and English. I attended the Bronx High School of Science.  Over the years, I have participated in a number of fellowships for science journalists and regularly attend and participate, as panelist and judge, in industry conferences and awards.

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Pamela Weintraub

New York, NY
Tel: 914-329-2100

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